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We are KeerSoft Inc. The Next Evolution in Digital Services.

We know that managing your technology is no longer a single task. We help you intergrate all aspects of the digital world in one managable place.


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Website Design

We use the newest technologies for your site. We also help you to create your new logo and company theme. We will outline every step and insure you get everything you deserve for your time and money.

Website Design

All of our sites are built on WordPress technology using the newest in coding and design strategies. This makes our content universal, all modern hosts are capable of using WordPress sites. 

Branding & Logo

Your brand is an extention of you and your vision. KeerSoft helps to form and mature your brand. We also help design a logo that best imbodies your brand.

Content Strategy

From A to Z, we outline and present you with a full strategy for your on-line presence. This keeps you with as few questions as possible, you will know not only what your site will look like and do for you, but you will know when you need to make blog posts, or how to respond to reviews.

Service and Sales

We can service any brand of Personal Computer and any Design of Server from PC to Apple. We can offer factory direct pricing for your hardware and software needs. No more running from store to store, Rep to Rep, we centralize your needs in one place.

Multi-Level Backup Support

We will customize a backup solution that best fits your needs. From simple on-site backups to an external drive, To secure and encrypted off-site multi-point redundancy. We help ensure your information is safe and reliable.

Security and Design

Security is no longer about just installing an Anti-Virus. It is about protecting every aspect of your business both physical and virtual. We help you design and maintain your security from day 1, offering recomendations based on industry best practices and our extensive experiance.

I.T. Services

We create fully connected systems so you can focus on your business. Not your technology. We will help make your electronic devices a tool that works for you, with you, when you need it.

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Benjamin Moore Edmonton

Danny Heikkinen Owner: Benjamin Moore Edmonton "Its great having someone who actually delivers on what they say they will do." "My companies have used 4 different IT companies before finally ending up with Keersoft, and honestly I am incredibly pleased with the service that I get for a more than fair price. Having been over promised and under delivered so many times...